Plexus Active

I just ordered this and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m excited to see how it works! They also just came out with Balance that I ordered.

So if you are an energy drink type of person, I’d love to have you join me and try this together! It’s more fun doing stuff together!

NEW Plexus ⚡️ ACTIVE ⚡️!
Plexus just announced an energy drink that you don’t have to be afraid of . Anyone else cringe at the word “energy drink” ‍♀️?! NO MORE . New Active gives you:
Clean, lasting energy
Mental clarity
Enhanced feelings of alertness
Support for improved performance
❓ Did you know Americans spend 45 BILLION annually on energy drinks alone!?
What we get for that:
Drinks that are HORRIBLE for us
Charge us up
Fruity & Full of sugar and harmful chemicals
SIDE EFFECTS of normal energy drinks:
Increased heart rate
Dissolved enamel
Mood swings
Increased stress levels
High blood pressure
Thickened blood
Gastrointestinal irritation
Muscle twitching
In addition to these lovely side effects, energy drinks are packed with sugar/artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, calories, and stimulants. No thank you! Why do people continually rely on energy drinks to get them through the day? Because they don’t have any other option…until now !
25 calories
3 grams of natural sugar
only $2 per serving (average energy drinks are $2.50 per serving and up!)
Our natural ingredients in ACTIVE will give your body the energy and nutrients it really needs, without any of the above side effects. It’s SUPER CLEAN (Yerba mate, green tea, l-theanine, kale , blueberries , and broccoli to name a few), NON-jittery, hydrating, and helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness.
Want more details?? Check it out :
Formulated to provide clean, lasting energy, along with mental clarity, enhanced feelings of alertness, and support for improved performance, with these clean ingredients:
‍♀️Active contains green tea and yerba mate—natural sources of caffeine that won’t give you the jitters or set you up for a crash in a few hours.
‍♀️It also contains l-theanine, for mental clarity and focus. And with bioavailable forms of vitamins A, C, E, and B, Active can help you feel like the best version of yourself as it keeps your mind clear and your energy high.
⭐️ Spotlight: Nitric Oxide ⭐️
Active also contains an antioxidant rich blend (S7 blend) of plant extracts (like turmeric, blueberry, tart cherry, and kale). This blend, in the amount found in Active, has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide in the blood by 175%. Nitric oxide, naturally produced by our bodies, acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This aids the body by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to active muscles. L-citrulline malate and S7™ further support nitric oxide production, which is associated with muscle recovery.
Citrulline Malate
Stevia Leaf Extract (Natural)
Bioavailable forms of Vitamins A, C, E, and B-vitamins
An energy drink that’s more like a vitamin – it’s genius and about time. Finally something I don’t need to be scared of when it comes to an energy drink!
Plexus Active is currently available for purchase as part of either a Combo or Welcome Pack. You’re going to love it!

#naturalenergy #plexusforlife #healyourgut
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will update later this week how I like the new product! It should arrive tomorrow!

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