Plexus Active

I just ordered this and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m excited to see how it works! They also just came out with Balance that I ordered.

So if you are an energy drink type of person, I’d love to have you join me and try this together! It’s more fun doing stuff together!

NEW Plexus ⚡️ ACTIVE ⚡️!
Plexus just announced an energy drink that you don’t have to be afraid of . Anyone else cringe at the word “energy drink” ‍♀️?! NO MORE . New Active gives you:
Clean, lasting energy
Mental clarity
Enhanced feelings of alertness
Support for improved performance
❓ Did you know Americans spend 45 BILLION annually on energy drinks alone!?
What we get for that:
Drinks that are HORRIBLE for us
Charge us up
Fruity & Full of sugar and harmful chemicals
SIDE EFFECTS of normal energy drinks:
Increased heart rate
Dissolved enamel
Mood swings
Increased stress levels
High blood pressure
Thickened blood
Gastrointestinal irritation
Muscle twitching
In addition to these lovely side effects, energy drinks are packed with sugar/artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, calories, and stimulants. No thank you! Why do people continually rely on energy drinks to get them through the day? Because they don’t have any other option…until now !
25 calories
3 grams of natural sugar
only $2 per serving (average energy drinks are $2.50 per serving and up!)
Our natural ingredients in ACTIVE will give your body the energy and nutrients it really needs, without any of the above side effects. It’s SUPER CLEAN (Yerba mate, green tea, l-theanine, kale , blueberries , and broccoli to name a few), NON-jittery, hydrating, and helps reduce post-workout muscle soreness.
Want more details?? Check it out :
Formulated to provide clean, lasting energy, along with mental clarity, enhanced feelings of alertness, and support for improved performance, with these clean ingredients:
‍♀️Active contains green tea and yerba mate—natural sources of caffeine that won’t give you the jitters or set you up for a crash in a few hours.
‍♀️It also contains l-theanine, for mental clarity and focus. And with bioavailable forms of vitamins A, C, E, and B, Active can help you feel like the best version of yourself as it keeps your mind clear and your energy high.
⭐️ Spotlight: Nitric Oxide ⭐️
Active also contains an antioxidant rich blend (S7 blend) of plant extracts (like turmeric, blueberry, tart cherry, and kale). This blend, in the amount found in Active, has been clinically shown to increase nitric oxide in the blood by 175%. Nitric oxide, naturally produced by our bodies, acts as a vasodilator, signaling the blood vessels to relax, thus increasing blood flow. This aids the body by delivering more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to active muscles. L-citrulline malate and S7™ further support nitric oxide production, which is associated with muscle recovery.
Citrulline Malate
Stevia Leaf Extract (Natural)
Bioavailable forms of Vitamins A, C, E, and B-vitamins
An energy drink that’s more like a vitamin – it’s genius and about time. Finally something I don’t need to be scared of when it comes to an energy drink!
Plexus Active is currently available for purchase as part of either a Combo or Welcome Pack. You’re going to love it!

#naturalenergy #plexusforlife #healyourgut
I hope you have a wonderful day and I will update later this week how I like the new product! It should arrive tomorrow!

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Health and Wellness

I have been passionate about health and wellness for a long time already and was even telling people that they should use certian products before I had even used them! I KNEW they were that good! Let me tell you about a few of my favorites and why!
One of my favorites is the Probio5, because it has helped me so much with my yeast itching that I had tried for years to get rid of naturally with other stuff. Nothing worked well. I could get the itching to be less but never gone! Now I can actually go a while in between times! This is one of the very best out there! I will not be changing to any other!
Love the biocleanse as it flushes all the toxins out of your system!
My next favorite is the ease and nerve capsules! I was in a rear ender accident in August and have mostly stayed away from Ibuprofen/Tylenol stuff. The ease capsules helped with my pain so much! I highly recommend them I pretty much refuse to use over the counter pain killers. These all natural capsules work very well!

The XFactor is an amazing multi Vitamin that my stomach can handle. I have never been able to take prenatals or other multi vitamins due to them making my stomach hurt so much. I love these vitamins so much!
And lastly The megaX taken at night with the probio5 is amazing for much better sleep! I have had trouble for a long time and especially since my hysterectomy 7 years ago with getting good sleep. I am now able to get prenty of rest with these two!

These are some of the products that many in my family use daily to better our health. The biggest reason that we started using them was because my husband had to go on very strong antibiotics for an infection in his shoulder. We love them and would love to help you get your health back with these same products!

Have a blessed day!

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Bring hope to those who suffer thyroid issues

Do you suffer thyroid issues? Are you tired of being tired all the time??? Would you like to feel better? I am here to offer hope, Our products aren’t guaranteed to cure, but may help you feel better! I have suffered undiagnosed thyroid for years, I am finally seeing a glimmer of hope using the Plexus Tri-plex, xfactor and accelerator. Please know that there is hope for you as well!


I also wanted to add a Plexus thyroid video for you to watch!


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Changes over the years last couple years

There have been many changes in our household due to daddy/husband having a pretty severe shoulder injury making it very difficult to travel with our store. So we started making natural care products to sell and such. As well as selling Lilla Rose hair accessories, and Plexus products. So our goal is to focus more on these items and to help you all get what you need!!

Lilla Rose makes putting your hair up very simple! I love using it and it has helped keep my headaches at bay due to not using hairpins anymore!!! They release a new Flexi every month and it is only available that month!

And the wonderful plexus products that have helped so many people to feel better! It has helped me to be able to have great relief from the horrible candida yeast itching that I was dealing with for so long! It is helping our daughter that was always eating and always craving sugar to not crave it so often! That is such a blessing!
The products that have been a blessing to many people as they regain their health back and what they may possibly help you!!

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Cleveland Clinic evaluated Plexus, Amazing!

I am super grateful for these products! Thay have helped me in so many ways.

What if one of the top medical facilities in the world evaluated Plexus? ✔✔Well, it DID!! A top Nutritionist from the Cleveland Clinic evaluated Plexus products being taken by a patient being treated for CELIAC DISEASE. Here is the scoop… US News & World Report ranks the Cleveland Clinic Hospital and the extensions of Cleveland Clinic as the #1 Hospital & Care Center in the U.S. A patient treated for Celiac Disease went for a very thorough Nutrition Review with one of their top Nutritionists.

A thorough evaluation was done of ALL the ingredients of the PLEXUS X FACTOR (multivitamin). The Result? Very highly complimented and was even encouraged to take 2 per day!

PLEXUS SLIM was evaluated. The result? Very high marks for what it does for normalizing glucose levels in the gut and reducing inflammation in the intestinal tract. This top Nutritionist said people do not realize how inflammation wears on the body.

PROBIO5 was scrutinized. The result? It was suggested that THIS probiotic be taken over any of the over-the-counter probiotics. In fact, this Nutritionist was so impressed with how Plexus managed to formulate All Natural & Gluten Free products to address many gastro and gut issues. It was stated that these products would be VERY BENEFICIAL in managing autoimmune disease!
What creates inflammation? A variety of core issues sugar is culprit by and large more than we realize which fluctuates insulin and rapidly feeds yeast and acid levels & another aide to leaky gut syndrome. Inflammation is terrible. Think gasoline on a fire to autoimmune disorders.
Plexus is nailing it folks, whether u want to believe it or not! #blessed


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Its High time to get this back up and running!

I have been mia for a very long time. SO much has happened in the past year! In September a year ago my husband was injured while on vacation. He has had 4 surgeries with surgery #5 and 6 happening this winter! He will be having a shoulder replacement in about 6-7 weeks or less. So there have been many dr appointments and such. He has not been able to work since then so things are very tight for us! But God is good! Pray for us!

We aren’t doing so much with fabrics and such as much anymore. We are getting into the natural products these days. We make and sell Deodorants, herbal salves, soy candles and wax melts as well as promoting Plexus natural products that help heal your body and Lilla Rose hair accessories! We hope you will take the time to check out our stuff!


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More Belize, Fruit Stand

We got to enjoy so many fresh fruits and veggies! That was so nice. There are lots of these little fruit stands along the roads!


This 2nd picture was a bridge across to the fruit stand!














Enjoy! More pictures and posts to come!

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I’ve been mia, Been a very different past year for us

Its been a very different year for our family, In February we left to go to Belize to visit my husbands family for 8 weeks. I will be posting pictures on here as time allows. We arrived in Belize on March 3, Going from very cold weather to very warm weather was quite a change. Our children had never been there and we didn’t tell any of our family we were coming!So it was a big surprise! We had lots of fun with it all!

Scenery pictures..




Meeting Family








Making Friends!






We were so glad to get home in May, But it was very cold after being used to 85 degrees and above for 2 months. But it was good to get home and get things done like plant garden, plant mums, Gerhard going back to work and such, But it was so good to be home again!

In September we once again went to Homeschool Family camp. What was supposed to be a wonderful week ended rather abruptly when Gerhard had an accident at the lake landing him in the hospital on Tuesday. He went through 2 surgeries in just a couple days. It has been a very long haul, But Thankfully God is seeing us through. He goes through yet another surgery in about 7 weeks. We have a fundraiser set up for Gerhard to get us through the next 18 months or so! The link is:

I also started selling Lilla Rose Hair Flexi’s in September after Gerhard’s accident. My website is:

In November we started making candles for more income,The last few weeks we have been making pillar candles for my Brothers wedding this next weekend!

More Pictures and posts to come.

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Happy New Years Day 3..

So sorry to miss the last couple days, but life has a way of changing things!

So we will continue with our recap of the last year!

Making applesauce in the camper..

Family Time

We did have some fun times mixed in there!
To be continued!

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Happy New Year Continued

A few more highlights of our past year! We started an etsy storeand it is doing ok! The link is: We are excited to see what God will do through that this year. We have all natural body care (deodorants, Salves And lip balms) as well as Dog bone pillows for your neck in the car or bed, Baked potato bags for baking potatoes in the microwave, Some fabrics and some skirts!

In September we closed on our house and worked furiously to get it finished out in good time. I don’t ever want to do that again! It was a lot of work! On October 14 we moved out of the house into a camper! That was the experience of a lifetime! Living in a camper in WI in October and November! We lived in there 5 weeks and 1 day! It was so cold most of the time! ANd a few times it was 45* or less when we got up in the mornings!

Within a couple weeks of moving out we started building a small house for us to live in. It is less than half the size we moved out of but that is ok! We got the shell up, insulation sprayed in and doors on and moved in the next day! In a day or 2 I’ll post pictures. We have now lived in here very unfinished for 6 weeks now. But we decided we won’t move into the upstairs till the bedrooms were ready! And we are now ready to mud 2 bedrooms and the third is almost ready! We are so excited!

Another major highlight of our year is Home school Family Camp every September!

Horse Riding

Fun with Kittens!



We Love family camp and have already registered for this coming September!

We also did Farmers Market most of the summer! Our Booth!

To be continued tomorrow!

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