I’ve been mia, Been a very different past year for us

Its been a very different year for our family, In February we left to go to Belize to visit my husbands family for 8 weeks. I will be posting pictures on here as time allows. We arrived in Belize on March 3, Going from very cold weather to very warm weather was quite a change. Our children had never been there and we didn’t tell any of our family we were coming!So it was a big surprise! We had lots of fun with it all!

Scenery pictures..




Meeting Family








Making Friends!






We were so glad to get home in May, But it was very cold after being used to 85 degrees and above for 2 months. But it was good to get home and get things done like plant garden, plant mums, Gerhard going back to work and such, But it was so good to be home again!

In September we once again went to Homeschool Family camp. What was supposed to be a wonderful week ended rather abruptly when Gerhard had an accident at the lake landing him in the hospital on Tuesday. He went through 2 surgeries in just a couple days. It has been a very long haul, But Thankfully God is seeing us through. He goes through yet another surgery in about 7 weeks. We have a fundraiser set up for Gerhard to get us through the next 18 months or so! The link is: http://www.gofundme.com/gerhardsinjuryfund

I also started selling Lilla Rose Hair Flexi’s in September after Gerhard’s accident. My website is: www.lillarose.biz/HeidisVariety

In November we started making candles for more income,The last few weeks we have been making pillar candles for my Brothers wedding this next weekend!

More Pictures and posts to come.

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