A wonderful Sunday

Thanks to Melodies Coffee addiction!

It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Florida! We are enjoying beautiful sunny weather…

I have not had good internet since we are here, But I hope to be back to posting every day come Wednesday! I have missed it, but that is part of life!

Next on our agenda for our Natures scent products are shaving cream, shampoos, sun screen, lotions, cold sore lip balms, hand soaps, and dish soaps! We also will soon be making all natural toothpaste and more salves! Can hardly wait as we are going to be working on some of those things this week!

We are starting to do well in our coffee business as well! Praying it takes off as well as these natural products we are making! Check it out At: www.hein.organogold.com

Have a wonderful week and I will be back soon!

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