A Chilly Sunday here in Florida

It is a chilly weekend here! High for today is only 54* right now! For here this time of year that is cold!

Thanks to Warriors of God on Facebook for this picture!

A few of us stayed home this morning due to colds, but I think we will all try and go tonight! Got to make the most of our last few weeks here, before we head home to hopefully sell our place! We signed the offer and sent it back last night! With a tentative closing date of April first! We are excited yet unsure of what this means for us.. Please Pray for God’s direction in our lives! We need it right now.. We have wanted to sell for a long time, but never listed it as we weren’t sure how it would go, But God has been Faithful and through friends showing it since we aren’t home, we have a possible closing date!

We have many things to do yet before we come home! And then much to do after we get home! But God is Good! We will be out of debt! And that will feel good! Then we will be able to pursue some of our other things more and hopefully go visit my husbands family again!

And it really is all Because of our Lord That these things are happening! I can only say Thank you Lord! May he get all the Glory!

Thanks to Christian design studios on Facebook for this image!

Well tomorrow its time to make more deodorants, shaving cream, shampoo and hopefully some lotions too! Also need to do sewing this coming week! Many things need our attention right now!

Thanks to Melodies Coffee addiction!

May Jesus Be near you Today and everyday!

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