Happy New Year!!!

What a year this past year has been! I hardly know how and what I should say that it will come out like it should! It has been a year of many struggles, emotions, unsure moments, hurts, wondering how everything was going to turn out and even some fun times! It was a time of severe financial struggles, feeling so alone in so many ways, But God has been there even when it felt he wasn’t near…

This is only one of the beautiful sights we saw in Florida during our almost 3 month stay there! That was probably one of the main highlights of our year! Spending time in Florida! We love the warm weather so much!

This is a painting that was being done on a wall at the park by an Amish lady as we were getting ready to leave! It is beautifully done!

We got home in mid March to lots of cold, snow and ice! We felt like we were freezing all the time. We went home early as we thought we had our house sold. We had a signed offer, pending the funds come through! It went 3 months and still no funds, and things weren’t going well so we decided that since we were out of contract that we were going to start showing it again and within a couple days we had a phone call asking if they could come see our house that evening… We said yes and we had an offer the next morning, by the end of the week we had a signed offer. And so the journey began again and we were a bit apprehensive about it all. We also had a lot of work ahead of us that had to be done by October! We totally finished out our house and moved out by October 14! We thought that it was going to be less stressful, but it ended up being very stressful for our whole family.

Couples night.

Our homeschool group did a Mother/daughter tea in April! That was a highlight for us!

We went Camping in June! A first for our family and enjoyed it. It would have been much better if the mosquitoes would have stayed away!

Making Mountain pies over the fire!

IT was Fathers Day weekend so they did things for the Fathers!

Older children reading verses to the dad’s!

We did put a garden in and that was a stress reliever for us! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed lots of fresh veggies all fall! It was the first garden in about 7 years! We did a lot of canning amidst the other work we had to do! But it was fun!

Friday Game nights! Something our children look forward to every week!

Time with friends! Making Memories!

Yummy Food!

More Friends

More to come tomorrow! Happy New Year!

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