Healthy Coffee

Organo Gold was launched in the US and Canada in the Fall of 2008 and is already generating $125M in monthly sales. The purpose behind this company was to take what most doctors have determined to be a bad consumable habit and develop a healthy solution. Organo Gold has taken the second largest traded commodity in the world and made it healthy by adding an herbal ingredient called Ganoderma Lucidum. Testimonials from a number of Organo Gold coffee drinkers include the following: a feeling of being energized without the “crash” as experienced in the consumption of coffee, lost weight, eliminated acid reflex, contributed to the recovery of heart disease, helped those with insomnia, reduced anxiety, reduced symptoms of asthma as well as other mild to chronic diseases. Become a part of a $275B annual industry either as a consumer or distributor. Please contact us for more info at: and check out our website for more info as well.

I can’t say enough about this coffee! It has helped me to sleep so much better and it deffinantly helps with depression as well. How would you like to feel better and get paid to drink Coffee??? It is possible!

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