Homemade deodorants

Cinnamon Vanilla Deodorants!!!

This is what we have been doing lately! We now have 9 or 10 varieties available! We have been having fun! We have Lavishing Lavender, Jon’s Autumn breeze, simply mint, Love spell, Lavender/mint, rosemary/mint, cinnamon vanilla, Rose absolute, and an unscented all available now! We have close to 200 available now!!! We also offer wholesale prices to stores that would like to carry it! If you would like to try some please let us know!!!! It is also made with the ganoderma powder that is in our healthy coffee! Making it really good for your skin!

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A wonderful Sunday

It’s a Beautiful Sunday afternoon! We were to church this morning and just came home afterwards! Now I have supper in the oven and pudding made. We heard a good message out of Philippians 4:6,7,9-13 today. I Really like Philippians 4 as a Whole. And the focus was on having Godly contentment! Something I need more of! Not sure what the rest of the day holds. But likely we will go to singing tonight as well.

We have a very busy week coming up this week, trying to get science finished for the year as well as getting things ready to head to Florida in just over a week for 3 and a half months! We are looking forward to nice warm weather!

I hope you are all having a very Blessed Day today!

Thanks to A Godly Woman Daily on Facebook for this Lovely Photo!

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Lip balm making!!!!

The liquid for lip balms, almost ready to put in tubes!! This is peppermint scented!

Empty tubes to fill!!!

Filling the tubes! Lots of fun!

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~ Family Is The Greatest Ever ~

~ Family Is The Greatest Ever ~

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Homemade Deoderant

I am planning to try my hand at making some of these! I will probably offer them for sale once I make some! Hopefully you all will like them too!

I need a good homemade deodorant, shampoo and soap recipe. I am using homemade deodorant and really like it.And would like to make my own shampoo as we always use certain oils in our hair that I would like to make my own shampoo and incorporate all the oils we use into it so we don’t have to add them separately!

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The beauty of God’s Creation around us

beautiful Bird in snow

Thanks to “Jesus Still Saves Heals And Answers Prayer” on facebook!

I just love the pictures of all our birds! This one is just so beautiful and how great a Creator we have! Yesterday we went to a Bible camp and sat in on Creature Critter confirmation! It was so neat to be able to get really close up views of some things!

We also were to the Zoo in Oct.

I just Love the pictures we were able to get of the Bears! So many close up and clear and they were so calm and let us get lots of good shots! This is just one of them!

here they were feeding the penguins. Another of my favorite creatures!

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31 Days to a Happy Husband Book study

There is a group of us going through this book as a study! It is quite interesting! How many things do we need to learn to be great wives??? I need this book in many ways! If you still want to get the book and join in on Facebook you can let me know. We just read chapter 2 today!

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Thirty Days of Thanksgiving Days 7-12

Well I got behind so I will start with Day 7:

I am very Grateful for my 3rd born child and Daughter! If God had not worked a huge miracle in her and my life neither one of us would be here today! My uterus ruptured with her and we are ever so grateful to God that we are both alive and healthy!

Day 8:

And by the Grace of God we went on to have our 4th and last child after the rupture! I am so glad we had 1 more! He is such a Joy to be around and very cheerful most of the time. He can be charming too!

Day 9:

My 3 Precious Daughters! Lord give me much wisdom to teach and train them for your honor and Glory! That they will one day be a Blessing to someone that needs a maid or whatever you have in store for them!

Day 10:

For all 4 of my dear Children that God has blessed us with. Oh for the Grace to raise them to Serve Our Lord and Saviour!

Day 11:
For my Dear Husband that is the Father to my children! Lord Help me to truly be a Blessing in His Life!

Day 12:

And Today for the beauty of God’s Creation! This was one of my Roses This past summer and it was Beautiful!! I Just love all the flowers that God Creates for us!!!

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Monday Coffee Break

Thanks to Melodies Coffee addiction!

Yep I’m on my coffee break! Lunch heating up. Dishwasher running, living room cleaned up and entry cleaned up. School going, and rest of the cleaning up happening!

Started a Book study on 31 days to A Happy Husband! Wonder how that will go! It is quite interesting! Will upload a picture at a later date! As well as some of the info on it!

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Its a cold Monday!

Thanks to melodies Coffee addiction on Facebook for this beautiful picture!

How is everyone doing this fine cold Monday Morning?? Its not suppose to get above 30 today with lots of wind and maybe even snow! Hopefully these flowers will bring someone some cheer today! I just love beautiful flower pictures!

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