Thirty Days of Thanksgiving Days 7-12

Well I got behind so I will start with Day 7:

I am very Grateful for my 3rd born child and Daughter! If God had not worked a huge miracle in her and my life neither one of us would be here today! My uterus ruptured with her and we are ever so grateful to God that we are both alive and healthy!

Day 8:

And by the Grace of God we went on to have our 4th and last child after the rupture! I am so glad we had 1 more! He is such a Joy to be around and very cheerful most of the time. He can be charming too!

Day 9:

My 3 Precious Daughters! Lord give me much wisdom to teach and train them for your honor and Glory! That they will one day be a Blessing to someone that needs a maid or whatever you have in store for them!

Day 10:

For all 4 of my dear Children that God has blessed us with. Oh for the Grace to raise them to Serve Our Lord and Saviour!

Day 11:
For my Dear Husband that is the Father to my children! Lord Help me to truly be a Blessing in His Life!

Day 12:

And Today for the beauty of God’s Creation! This was one of my Roses This past summer and it was Beautiful!! I Just love all the flowers that God Creates for us!!!

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