Project 365 Day 1, 2, 3,and 4

Day 1, April 3 Canning dry beans!

Day 1 April 3 Ready to remove from canner!

Day 1 April 3 Finished job!

Day 2 April 4 Washing and packing hundreds of pints and quart jars into totes to keep clean!

Day 3 April 5 Homeschool Group game night!

Day 4 April 6 Relabeling all deodorants with better labels!

Day 4 April 6 Each box represents a different scent of deodorant They are ready to be shown to store owners and or shipped to whoever wants some!

My favorite is the Mocha and the King coffee mixed, But didn’t have pictures at the moment!

Just an encouragement for you all! Thanks t Warriors of God via Facebook!

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