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Project 365 Day 1, 2, 3,and 4

Day 1, April 3 Canning dry beans! Day 1 April 3 Ready to remove from canner! Day 1 April 3 Finished job! Day 2 April 4 Washing and packing hundreds of pints and quart jars into totes to keep clean! … Continue reading

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A Chilly Sunday here in Florida

It is a chilly weekend here! High for today is only 54* right now! For here this time of year that is cold! Thanks to Warriors of God on Facebook for this picture! A few of us stayed home this … Continue reading

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Tuesday tid bit- Nursing

Thanks to Melodies coffee addiction on Facebook! I Love helping people and when I was young I always wanted to be a nurse or midwife! Sometimes I wish I had gone on to school before I married, But never had … Continue reading

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Thanks to House of Prayer Holiness Church! May God Bless tour day with much Joy of the Lord!

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This is something we need everyday! Lord please help me to be more grateful and Thankful! So often we take these Blessings for granted and we don’t realize how quickly things can change! We as Christians need to take this … Continue reading

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